pronounced: "meer-PWAH"

a traditional french culinary
combination of onions 
carrots and celery aromatics
Meal Plans
Private Dinners
Our Personal Chef Services


We'll start with a free consultation to determine what type of service best accommodates your lifestyle and needs. We'll discuss your preference of grocery stores, ingredients, and review a food questionnaire to indicate your likes/dislikes and any dietary or food allergy restrictions.

Based on your preferences, your menu will be created and sent via email.

Once confirmed, a cook date and time will be scheduled.

Your Chef shops the morning of your cook date and arrives in your home with the best quality ingredients, ready to cook.

All your menu items are prepared and awaiting your enjoyment.

Depending on your service the meals will either be served immediately or packaged in containers with reheating instructions and placed in the refrigerator or freezer.


Your kitchen will be left spotless with only the faint aroma of the day’s menu remaining.


Our personal chef services offer in-home meal preparation
for all your culinary needs.


Our personal chef services are designed to accommodate each client's individual preferences.

Private Dinners


Private dinners are the perfect way to share an evening with friends and family. Mirepoix offers a variety of menus and can accommodate any number of guests. You select the theme and number of courses and we provide an appropriate menu for you to choose from.


The service also makes for an excellent gift as well as a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

Private dinner service includes:

  • Consultation

  • Menu development

  • Grocery shopping

  • Meal preparation

  • Clean up


Starts at $175 plus the cost of groceries and depends on the number of guests and menu courses.

Creating healthy and delicious meals for clients all over Nashville
Meet the Chef


Every gathering of Laura’s Southern/Italian family celebrated food. Recipes and traditions were passed down generation after generation including everything from home-made pastas to special holiday dinners. Although the food was delicious, it was the time spent with family and friends around the table that made the gatherings unforgettable. Their basic act of preparing meals and sharing them with one another was more than just a necessity; it was a display of affection.


It was only natural for Laura to pursue an education in Culinary Arts and in 2007 she graduated from college with her degree.

She has worked in many fine dining establishments and aided in catering for many large events but it has always been her dream to bring her cooking back to that intimate setting she grew up with. That dream became a reality when she started Mirepoix in 2012. 


She delights in creating healthy and delicious meals for clients all over the Nashville area.

Meal Plans


Meal plans alleviate the time and effort spent shopping for and preparing meals! Our services are very flexible and designed to fit a variety of lifestyle and tastes.

Each meal plan service includes:

  • menu development

  • grocery shopping

  • meal preparation

  • packaging

  • clean up

Pricing is determined according to the number of meals prepared,

portion amounts, and frequency of the service.

Individual meal plans available starting at $175 + the cost of groceries/service.

Meals x Portions:

4 x 2 = $250 + the cost of groceries

4 x 4 = $275 + the cost of groceries

5 x 2 = $250 + the cost of groceries
5 x 4 =-$300 + the cost of groceries

Add $15 disposable container fee with each service.

Re-useable containers are also available at cost.

Parties and Special Events


Mirepoix can also provide services for in-home parties and events. Whether you need elegant hors’ de oeuvres or simple finger foods, we can create a menu that will make any gathering unique and unforgettable.

In-home parties and events include:

  • Consultation

  • Menu development

  • Grocery shopping

  • Meal preparation

  • Clean up


customized and based on

the number of guests and

the menu items requested. 

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